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June 6, 2020

Designing a tourism site was one of my tough experiences.
Along with the specific ethics of site visitors to the specific ethics of the business owner, I needed to use special creativity.
Tourism in general is a subject that attracts audiences who have intensely active and creative moods, but there may also be people with deeply boring or depressing moods. That is why the site needs to attract both depressed and happy people.
I have looked at various sites both in Iran and outside of Iran and have tried to get to the point where both the site owner and the site’s audience are comfortable. So I preferred to go to the WordPress content management system rather than the dedicated site.
And I choose a simple template, but add to the selected template some special layout options to get its visual appeal.
The tourist sites along with the beautiful visual appearance should also have a simple environment for the target audience to work with and of course the colors within it should be used to attract the target and get the joy and vitality of the site.
Overall, my experience with tourism sites made me think of finding a suitable VR-based tourism venue to launch a site that will bring the audience to their favorite environment and give them a good sense of virtual tourism. And be able to guide the customer in choosing the right environment.

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